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A strong sense of adventure is a must for anyone who wishes to join our team. We are an expanding business in need of experienced, skilled individuals to serve our customers and company as expedition leaders. Qualified, high-quality support individuals are also needed to serve as vehicle specialists and medical providers for our expeditions. If you are interested in pursuing a career with MAP, we would love to hear from you. Tour guides and support crews who join our team will possess the following skills and attributes:

Riding Skills

Competent motorcycle riding and handling skills in all types of terrain, road surface, and weather conditions will be required. Experience level will exceed that of most of our clients so that our tour guides may serve as mentors and coaches in addition to expedition leaders. Tour guides must also be CPR certified and have solid mechanical aptitude and skills.

Physical Strength and Health

A superior level of physical strength and stamina are required for all positions. Duties may include carrying luggage and other supplies, moving or loading motorcycles for clients, and arduous riding conditions. Team members must be prepared to devote up to eighteen hours per day in riding and client assistance, and may be required to lead occasional hiking or climbing expeditions with clients. Applicants must exhibit excellent physical fitness and health.

Integrity, Morality and Character

Honesty, integrity, and sound moral character are of paramount importance to our company. Tour guides and other team members are often required to make judgment calls and serve as stewards over financial and material resources for the tour. Applicants must be trustworthy individuals who set the example for morality and integrity at all times.

Maturity and Responsibility

Maturity and a heightened sense of responsibility are imperative qualities and are character traits our clients have come to expect from our team members. Because MAP personnel operate independently of direct supervision and corporate influence, only mature, responsible individuals can be considered for these positions.

Interpersonal Skills

It is important that our team members be able to converse, relate and interact with individuals of diverse cultural, socio-economic and professional backgrounds. MAP personnel must be able to speak and interact with our clients comfortably and articulately, as well as interacting effectively and professionally with other service providers — such as hotel personnel, wait staff, and gas station attendants — all from varying cultural and economic backgrounds. Applicants must have a friendly personality, a good sense of humor, the ability to converse easily on any subject matter, and must be devoted to treating all individuals with respect and courtesy.

Multicultural Skills

Moto Adventure Professionals tours span numerous countries and geographic regions. Part of the appeal of our tours is our promise to our clientele that they will be able to interact with local communities and citizens. Team members must be familiar with the customs, languages and cultures of the various regions through which our tours are conducted. All applicants must be familiar with and willing to learn about cultural traditions, languages and customs for each region of the tour.

Organizational Skills

In leading tours, it is necessary for our employees to coordinate numerous aspects of the trip. From gas to lodging to meals to sight-seeing expeditions, it is imperative that our team members exercise superior planning, time-management, bookkeeping, and customer service skills. MAP personnel ensure that our tours remain on schedule — despite unforeseen obstacles and circumstances — and ensure that our clients are completely satisfied with their investment in our company.

We take our commitment to our clients very seriously; they are our number-one concern, so we only employ the best. We expect all of our crew members and expedition leaders to have completed, as a minimum, a two-day training course with RawHyde BMW Academy in Castaic, California, (at their own expense) before being considered as an expedition leader. For more information about the RawHyde BMW Academy, please check their website:

Please be advised that completing the training course will not automatically lead to an offer of employment, nor would our company be able to guarantee year-round employment at this time. However, once you have successfully complete the training program, we will definitely be interested in setting up an interview with you. If we are able to extend a job offer to you, we will let you know which expeditions we will have available for you to lead.

If these are characteristics and qualities that exemplify you as an individual, leader, and employee, we would love to talk to you further about joining our team in one of these highly important positions. Please send your emails with your resume attached using the link below:  (We are not hiring at this time)

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